How to Fix Opera Browser Incompatibility Error?

Opera is one of the coolest browsers used by thousands of users across the country. It is possible it’s may lack a bit behind Chrome and Firefox browsers but definitely better than Internet Explorer. But everything doesn’t stop here and certain sites are definitely occupied with obsolete code to alert users to switch to IE or even to Firefox from Opera browser in order to view their content. Users may come across Opera browser incompatibility error which may cause due to various reasons such as inappropriate working of website functionalities, code scripting problems, etc. are responsible for such errors. Our professional team members have discussed few steps to Fix Opera Browser Incompatibility Error.


Steps to Fix Opera Browser Incompatibility Error

Step 1: Shifting to IE or Firefox

  • Whenever users are on a page which shows an error message then, it is recommended for users to shift to Internet Explorer or Firefox. It can be done by simply opening the ‘Opera menu” and then, navigate to the “Settings—>Quick Preferences—> Edit Site Preferences” icon.

Step 2: Working with the Network tab 

  • In the Site Preferences settings window, you are advised to open the Network tab icon and then, select the “Mask as Firefox or Mask as Internet Explorer” icon from the Browser identification dropdown settings carefully.
  • At last, save the settings carefully and then, refresh the page which is encountering this error.
  • You will see that this page will reload without even showing error of any browser incompatibility issue. Well, it is suggested for users to go for “masking” process which always works better to overcome these types of issues.

I hope this solution will help you get rid of Opera browser incompatibility issue faster.  If not then, we suggest you to reach our below mentioned contact details now!

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