Steps to Fix Internet Explorer 500 Internal Server Error

Internet Explorer 500 internal server error is a generic type of error message, which is encountered when no specific type of message is suitable for the browser. This kind of Internet Explorer error can have multiple reasons for a 500 Internal Server issue which gets displayed in a web browser.

Internet-Explorer-500-Internal-Server-ErrorOur Internet Explorer Technical Support experts have jotted down few solutions to get over with this Internet Explorer error.

Steps to fix Internet Explorer 500 internal server error

Step 1: Examination of Error Logs!

With any kind of error message, particularly when it is huge one as Internet Explorer 500 Internal Server Error, users need to check for Apache and PHP error logs for your server first. These logs can easily provide various valuable contexts related to any code issues or even other potential causes of a site failure.

Step 2: Error with an .htaccess file

  • If someone is working with an .htaccess command on the site, then it may be possible that something is interfering with the web page you are trying to load into your browser. So, for this you are asked to double check the .htaccess configuration.
  • To confirm whether a misconfiguration .htaccess is surely the cause or not for the IE 500 Internal Server error, you either need to remove or rename the .htaccess file on temporary basis and then try to reload that page.

Step 3: Syntax or coding errors in the CGI/Perl script

  • If it is the web page which is ending in .cgi or .pl and is producing the error, then you are advised to check the scripting part for errors.

CGI Script Guidelines

  • When editing the CGI script, users need to work with the plain text editor which is type of program to save an essential file as a ‘text file’ type.
  • Upload the CGI scripts in an ASCII mode directly into the cgi-bin directory is necessary.
  • Setting up of the file permissions on the CGI script file as well as director Internet Explorer to chmod 755 is required.
  • Double-check on the type of Perl modules which you require for your script to be supported by.


For more critical related to browser, we encourage users to get in touch with our Internet Explorer Browser support Number expert professionals to overcome with their each type of browser