How To Fix Google Chrome Error 105?

The Google Chrome error 105 indicates that the DNS lookup has completely failed. It says that the DNS server is not able to resolve the Domain name from the IP address of the website which is faced by users while using Google Chrome.  So, below we discuss few steps to fix Google Chrome error 105.


Steps to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Error 105

Step 1:  Press the Windows Key + R button to open the “RUN Dialog” box first

  • Users can perform an alternative option by just clicking on the start menu button and then type the run command in the search bar. One needs to have access to the “RUN Program”.
  • Once the RUN box has been accessed, type the “ncpa.cpl” command and click the “OK” button. This procedure is applicable for all Windows operating systems including Windows Xp, Vista and 7.

Step 2:  Choose the correct network adapter

  • If it is the case where you are connecting to the internet by using an Ethernet cable then, most likely users are working with a desktop computer. Right-Click on the “Local Area Connection” and then, hit on the “Properties” icon
  • If users are working with the internet by using a Wi-Fi Connection then, Right-Click on the “Wireless Network Connection” and tap on the properties icon
  • After the properties window has been opened, you need to select the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then click on the “Properties” icon

Step 3:  Switch to “Automatic” mode

  • Select the “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” icon and then enter the following values as mentioned below:
  • Preferred DNS Server –
  • Alternate DNS Server –
  • click “OK”, then click “CLOSE”

I hope your problem will be solved easily. But if this issue exists further then, proceed to below section now


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