Fix Chrome Safe Browsing issues with Blocking Mode

Chrome Safe Browsing Google Chrome is the most of the user’s choice across the world which comes with strong security features to perform a deep scanning of the file downloads automatically. The well known feature, defined as a “Safe Browsing by Google”, displays a prompt message at the bottom section of the browser screen which informs about the presence of malicious files.


As per as study is concerned by Chrome Browser Support experts, there are two different messages that are displayed by “Safe Browsing” feature. The first one will read it as “This file appears to be malicious. Are you sure you want to continue”. And the second one reads as a “[filename] which is malicious, and Chrome has finally blocked it”.

Here, the first one gives you multiple options to easily discard the download or even can save it anyway, while the second one will only try to a dismiss button without any option.  When users are trying to download the most recent Bittorrent version application uTorrent from the official website then they will get the second warning as a message which will ask them to block the file from being downloaded to your system. Since users only have a dismiss option, so they cannot command Chrome to ask for saving the file anyway on the user’s system, at least not using this menu.

Steps to Fix Chrome Safe Browsing blocking Mode

Step1: Chrome Safe Browsing feature

  • Please turn off the Google’s Safe Browsing feature in the Chrome to avoid such kind of error from happening in the future. “Load chrome://settings/in the browser.”

Step2: “Show advanced settings” option

Step3: “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites” option

  • Under the “Privacy” icon, users simply need to locate the “Protect you and your device from dangerous sites” option and then remove all the checkmark from the preference.
  • This will further disable all the phishing and malware checks in the browser by including various download checks.
  • It’s always better to keep it turned on considering that this will impact other security features such as “phishing protection”.


Well your queries related to Google Chrome have now been solved. But in future if you come across such huge issues then do call us at our Google Chrome Customer Support Number department right away!