Ways to Use Feature to Create Shortened URLs in Google Chrome

Users can easily Create Shortened URLs in Google Chrome by accessing the Google toolbar. URL shortening tools are not a new concept of the Internet and are highly popular due to the various constraints of the 140 character limit of Twitter a few years ago.


The task of shortening URLs has always been an arduous task for users and yes it is inconvenient for others. But working with the URLs shortener in the Google Chrome is so trivial often, that one is almost in a phase to use it for every kind of purposes. Users can easily create short URLs without the help of Google Toolbar and by using the feature as said by Google Chrome Technical Support Number. Yes, there are various other available benefits for using competing tools such as TinyURL, but the simplicity of working with the feature in the Chrome toolbar will open this concept up to less-geeky people who may want to use this type of service for security and privacy.

Why a user should use the URL Shortener?

URL shorteners are a must for social networking sites such as Twitter, where users are limited to the number of characters they can actually use in each post. These are considered as good choice for users as said by Google Chrome Tech Support team to use for privacy. Normally, the URL of a link can easily be seen in a post or via email simply by letting users to hover over it. Short URLs need users to click on the link to easily view the page. While some of them may considered it as a dangerous process, as the link may divert users to somewhere they had no intention to go. It will do maintain privacy for those who actually need to create the short URL. If users have trust one can probably trust the short URL.

But the best reason to work with the URL shortener is simply because it will create an easy way to remember all essential URLs. Well, let’s say for example that if a user has ever tried to tell someone about the website address to a favorite article or a website with a ridiculously long or complicated address, then they will surely appreciate the simplified URL generated by the

Ways to Use Feature to Create Shortened URLs in Google Chrome

Step 1: Google Chrome browser

  • One can easily get plug-ins and add-ons for the purpose of using feature via other browsers, but the best way is simply to use this feature is via the Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: Working with the Google Chrome

Simply hit the icon which is situated in the upper right-hand corner of the Chrome web browser to automatically Create Shortened URLs in Google Chrome for you.

Next, one needs to highlight and copy that specific link and needs to paste it in emails as well as in blog posts, Twitter or any other such service which a user wants to go with. If they don’t choose to use Chrome or other browser add-ons then one can simply open the tool via any other web browser by diverting themselves to the specific website.

Step 3: Google URL shortener

  • Be sure to try your hands on the Google URL shortener feature on the Google Chrome browser for better access to websites


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