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Time Errors on Secure Browser
How to Fix Secure Connection Failed Error in Browser?

These are a type text errors on page which warns users about when the Firefox will detect that the user’s system time is probably in a wrong way and is wrongly showing the date and time in the system. The error occurs if the clock settings are incorrectly set. Well, we have presented few problems where users will get to know about ways to Fix Secure Connection Failed Error in Browser.

Fix Secure Connection Failed Error in Browser

Steps to Troubleshoot Fix Secure Connection Failed Error in Browser

Step 1: Set the System Clock Correctly

  • Time-related errors on secure websites are usually caused due to skewed clock of the system which can easily be resolved by setting a correct date, time as well as the time zone. To do this perform below steps:
  • Click on the “Windows Start” button or just press the “Windows key” icon.
  • In the “Start Menu”, simply tap on the “Control Panel” icon.
  • The next thing will be to go to the “Control Panel window”, click on the ‘Clock, Language, and Region’ option and hit the “Date and Time’ icon.
  • You will see that the panel will open automatically which will alert you with the current date and time settings. To change the settings option, just click the “Change date and time” icon.’
  • Click OK button to save your changes.
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Step 2: Add exceptions

  • The next thing is to add an exception to easily visit the site, despite the fact that the certificate is not trusted by default:
  • Next, on the warning page, click on the “Advanced” icon.
  • Click on the “Add Exception” icon where you will see that the “Add Security Exception dialog box” will appear.
  • Read carefully all the instruction which will alert your about the problems in the website. Further, one can click on the “View” icon to closely inspect the untrusted certificate.
  • Click on the “Confirm Security Exception” icon if you are sure that you don’t want to trust the site.

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safe browser service unavailable
How To Fix Google Safe Browsing Service is Unavailable Error in Safari Browser?

The ‘Google Safe Browsing Service is Unavailable” Error in Safari Browser occur when you are trying to change some security settings. Like if you are looking in your Security settings in Safari on your Mac computer, then you always get a warning that says, “The Google Safe Browsing Service is unavailable” error.  Well, this feature is a part of the protection of the fake site in Safari, which is itself a nice feature. The fake sites list is provided by Google. So, when you receive this type of error message, then you don’t need to worry about it. Here the blog will guide you very simple steps on How To Fix Google Safe Browsing Service is Unavailable Error in Safari Browser. So follow the given below steps to fix the problem.

Fix Google Safe Browsing Service is Unavailable Error in Safari Browser

Steps to Fix Google Safe Browsing Service is Unavailable Error in Safari Browser:

  • On the Finder Menu bar, tap “Go” option.
  • Next, hit on “Go to Folder…”.
  • Then you will need to type in “/private/var/folders”.
  • Next, there will be a few folders will open, so open them up and glance for a folder with
  • “” files.
  • Then locate and open the folder named, “”.
  • In this folder, there should be a file named, SafeBrowsing.db.
  • Then send “SafeBrowsing.db” file to the Trash. This will force Safari to rebuild the file.
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The above steps will help to fix the problem.

However, in any case, if you are unable to follow the above steps, then you should contact with the Safari customer support team for instant guidance.

apple Safari Technical Support Phone Number

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How TO Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome?

SSL is a term defined as a Secure Sockets Layer which is a security technology used with every browser, It establishes a proper and encrypted connection between you and the server, which is usually a website.Further, it protects your private information, like credit card numbers, social security numbers, as well as login information by transmitting them securely. At the time  of sending data between browsers as well as web servers in plain text, this will encrypt the data, by making it more difficult for a third party to access them. The SSL connection error message will tell users that they are unable to make a secure connection with the server. And it defines that the SSL certificate is un-trusted.

Users will be presented with a warning messages such as they are behind a firewall, their page contains both secure and non-secure items and there is a culprit antivirus which is scanning encrypted connections. So, here are solutions to fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome browser.
Fix SSL Connection Error

Solutions Fix SSL Connection Error in Google Chrome

Solution 1:  Change your date and time correctly

  • This is actually the most obvious cause of this error. It is due to when you are opening some websites, especially if it’s an account websites like Gmail or Outlook, then it will track the location, date and time of the user’s system. Follow all below steps to correct your date and time:
  • Tap on the clock on the desktop.
  • Now a proper selection is to be made to Open Date and Time Preferences section
  • Select the appropriate time zone which you would like to have, and make sure the date is in correct format.
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Solution 2 – Change the antivirus software settings

Close whatever you are working with the system and then open up your antivirus program.

  • Click on the “Settings” icon and navigate to “Advanced Settings” tab and then, click on the “Network” icon.
  • Under the Encrypted connections scan, just uncheck the Scan encrypted settings.
  • Click on the “Apply” icon and tap on the “OK’ button


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How to Fix Connection is Untrusted Error in Firefox?

This type of error is usually caused while users are trying to visit a website with the SSL method which is a HTTPS and is a secured way to encrypt as well as communicate between your computer and the website. It is done to help protect the user’s privacy. While we are visiting any website, the browser will automatically identify the SSL certificate message. Our professional team has described top ways on how to Fix Connection is Untrusted Error by explaining each step in details.

Fix Connection is Untrusted Error

Steps to troubleshoot Connection is Untrusted Error in Firefox

Step 1: Time and Date

  • Click on the time and date icon to adjust it on the task bar which will be easily found on the extreme right side.
  • Now click on the “change date and time settings” link.
  • Next, users are requested to click on the “Change date as well as time button.
  • Make sure that both the date as well as the time is correctly fixed. Hit the OK button to save and then re-fresh current page.
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Step 2: Disable the Proxy settings

  • Make sure that you have disabled the proxy settings if it is enabled by simply clicking on the which will be available in the dropdown list
  • The next thing is simply to go to the “advanced” icon and then click on the “Network tab” as well as the “Settings” icon.
  • At last, make sure that no proxy settings are selected. Click on OK.

Step 3: Delete the Cert8

  • Click on the desired icon and then hit on the ‘question mark’ icon which is found from the drop down list.
  • Navigate to the “Trouble shooting information” now
  • Tap on the “Show Folder” icon which is located in the right side of the profile folder.
  • At last, you need to locate and then, delete the Cert8 option and then re-load the webpage

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Chrome Errors
How To Fix Google Chrome Error 105?

The Google Chrome error 105 indicates that the DNS lookup has completely failed. It says that the DNS server is not able to resolve the Domain name from the IP address of the website which is faced by users while using Google Chrome.  So, below we discuss few steps to fix Google Chrome error 105.

Fix Google Chrome error 105

Steps to Troubleshoot Google Chrome Error 105

Step 1:  Press the Windows Key + R button to open the “RUN Dialog” box first

  • Users can perform an alternative option by just clicking on the start menu button and then type the run command in the search bar. One needs to have access to the “RUN Program”.
  • Once the RUN box has been accessed, type the “ncpa.cpl” command and click the “OK” button. This procedure is applicable for all Windows operating systems including Windows Xp, Vista and 7.

Step 2:  Choose the correct network adapter

  • If it is the case where you are connecting to the internet by using an Ethernet cable then, most likely users are working with a desktop computer. Right-Click on the “Local Area Connection” and then, hit on the “Properties” icon
  • If users are working with the internet by using a Wi-Fi Connection then, Right-Click on the “Wireless Network Connection” and tap on the properties icon
  • After the properties window has been opened, you need to select the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” and then click on the “Properties” icon

Step 3:  Switch to “Automatic” mode

  • Select the “Use the following DNS Server Addresses” icon and then enter the following values as mentioned below:
  • Preferred DNS Server –
  • Alternate DNS Server –
  • click “OK”, then click “CLOSE”

I hope your problem will be solved easily. But if this issue exists further then, proceed to below section now

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Firefox errors
How To Fix Mozilla Firefox Error Code 2324?

The error code 2324 commonly occurs when you try to upgrade your Mozilla Firefox browser on your Windows 7 computer. That error indicating the program fails to install and run successfully. The causes may include Internet connection issue; upgrade Mozilla Firefox process missing some files, Cookies, and Cache issue, Virus and malware problem, other programs running on your PC during Firefox program installation, and many others. So, if you are experiencing the same error code 2324 when trying to upgrade your Firefox, then do not worry about it. According to the Mozilla Firefox technical support team, this problem can be easily solved. Thus, you can Fix Mozilla Firefox Error Code 2324, with the easy steps. Here, the blog will guide you very simple steps how you can do this thing, so follow the given steps.

Fix Mozilla Firefox Error Code 2324

Steps To Fix Mozilla Firefox Error Code 2324:-

Step 1:- Manual Update Mozilla Firefox

One of the best solutions is to update Firefox by doing the manual process of downloading and installing the new version over top of your current version.

Follow the steps to do this task.

  • First of all, open your computer and open any browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Go to the Firefox download page by visiting this link
  • Alternatively, you can use this download link for the latest English (U.S.) Firefox version.
  • Click the “Download Firefox” button.
  • Then it will show a list of the best available version of Firefox on your computer, as per your 64-bit and the 32-bit version of Windows.
  • If you are using the Microsoft Internet Explorer, then you will be able to show a notification bar at the bottom of the page with run the installer options. Or you can save the downloaded file to your computer anywhere.
  • Then hit the “Run” button to start the process.
  • Wait for Firefox to finish installing. Once the installation is complete, then Firefox will automatically open.

Congratulations! Now you have completed the process of installing Firefox. Then double-click on the Mozilla Firefox icon whenever you want to go online.

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Step 2:- Check for Updates After Restarting the Computer

May be it’s possible that another running program or an earlier instance of Firefox that didn’t close properly is interfering with the Firefox update process. Due to this reason, this error comes. The best way to resolve such problems is to restart your computer. Once the computer starts up again, then you will need to follow the steps to do this task.

  • First of all, start Firefox.
  • Then go to “Firefox menu” button and then hit “help” option.
  • Now select “About” Firefox.
  • Then Firefox will begin checking for updates.

Step 3:-Run as Administrator

If you are using Windows 7 or Vista, then you should try to Firefox run as Administrator, by the following way.

First, restart the computer, so that no Firefox methods are active.

Open the Windows “Start” Menu.

Then type Firefox and then right-click on the “Mozilla Firefox” entry which appears.

Choose “Run as Administrator” option and “Continue” if the “User Account Control” dialog comes up.

If the issue is not resolved, then you have to close Firefox and restart the computer again, but this time, after this you have to open the program folder where Firefox is installed like open the C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox folder or, on 64-bit windows, the C:\Program Files (x86)\ Mozilla Firefox folder, and then right-click on the Firefox or firefox.exe file icon and then select “Run as Administrator” option again. Now the check the error is resolved.

Step 4: – Clear Caches and History

Sometimes, this error appears due to cause of browser caches or history, so you should try to clear up it to manually to fix the error.

  • First, go to Firefox “History” menu, and then select “Clear Recent History” option.
  • From the “Time range to clear” drop-down menu, you have to choose the desired range; to clear your entire cache, choose “Everything” option.
  • Next, go to “Details” option drop down arrow and you have to choose which elements of the history to clear; to clear your entire cache, select all items.
  • Then tap on the “Clear Now” button.
  • Exit from all browser windows and re-open the browser.
  • After performing all the above steps, make sure your problem will be resolved.

In case, this Firefox Error Code 2324 is still persisting, then you should connect with our proficient Firefox customer support experts to fix it.

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Troubleshoot Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12
How to Fix Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12?

Google Chrome is one of the most used Web Browsers around the world.  But most of the time, users reported facing certain Errors with it. Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12 occur generally, when you trying to update chrome. There are many causes of the occurrence this error includes, antivirus, firewall, or parental control settings issue, malware issue, Hardware firewalls corrupted, Updates not completing Google Chrome, or not finished downloading process properly, and so on.

Thus, whatever the causes, you don’t need to frustrate about it, as you will obtain the best suitable solution to solve this issue. According to the team of Google technical support, this type of issue can be easily fixed by applying simple steps. Then, you can easily Fix Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12, by just following the troubleshooting steps.

Fix Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12

Steps to Fix Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12:-

Step 1:- Download Google Chrome

Might be it is possible that some files are missing on your computer, or may be corrupted, so you should try to download Google Chrome again to fix the problem.

Follow these steps:-

  • First, you have to need to Uninstall Chrome on your system.
  • Then, reinstall Google Chrome. To do this, you will need to download the Google Chrome. You can download it, by visiting the site “”.
  • Next, find the correct Google Chrome, according to your OS (Windows and MAC).
  • Hit the “Download” button, and save it on your desktop.
  • After going to the download folder, and find the chrome download file, which you just download. Right on that file, and choose the “Run the installer” option, and then starts the installing Chrome process.
  • Wait some time, while the Chrome reinstalling process completely.

Now check the error is resolved. If it’s appearing, then go to the next step.

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Step 2:- Reboot our Computer

You should try to reboot your computer. The reinstalling might not have completed on your computer. So you should try to rebooting your computer and updating Chrome again.

Step 3:-Check for Malware

You will need to verify the malware on your system, may be unwanted software stop Chrome from updating correctly. Make sure you have must check to that malware and virus problems to correctly fix the problem.

Step 4:- Review Antivirus, Firewall, or Parental Control Settings

You should try to check the settings for your antivirus, firewall, or parental control software. Make sure that the software updates are not blocked from going online.

After performing all the above steps, if still, this Google Chrome Error Code 7 or 12 persisting, then you should connect with our experts of Google Chrome Customer Support team in dealing the problem.

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Google Chrome Support

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IE Support Phone Number
How To Fix The Internet Explorer Error 0?

Script errors usually occur with the Internet Explorer webpages where these pages are not may displayed and works inaccurately in the Internet Explorer. These script error messages are fully displayed by the Internet Explorer while there is an issue with the JavaScript or even with the VBScript codes of the website which users are currently viewing. Also these script errors can also be the reason of issues in the downloading of a webpage, but yes it is moreover a kind of webpage issue itself. Our professional team of expert technicians have penned down few appropriate steps to fix the Internet Explorer Error 0 that are highly meaningful to users.

Fix The Internet Explorer Error 0

Steps to Fix The Internet Explorer Error 0

Step 1: Be careful that these script errors are occurring on multiple webpages

  • If it is the case where the only sign to this issue is the error message, and yes if websites are working then, one may easily ignore the error.
  • Now the next thing is if this issue occurs on more than one webpages then, almost the reason lies within those pages itself. Users if they are choosing to ignore this error, they can simply disable the script debugging process.
  • A point is to be taken into note is that if this issue occurs on more than one or two sites then, it is strongly advised not to disable the script debugging process.

Step 2: Check whether the issue is caused by files or settings

  • To go deep down into the source cause of the issue, you are requested to work with another user account, another browser or may be with another computer to just check the webpages that are triggering this script error.
  • If the script error 0 does not happens while you are viewing the webpage on another user account, in another browser, or on another computer then, quite possible that this issue is caused due to corrupted files or improper computer settings.
  • After this, one needs to try to open a webpage later on, which they have previously received as a scripting error.

Browser Tech Support phone number

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Fix Mozilla Cannot Find Run-Time Error
How to Fix Mozilla Cannot Find Run-Time Error?

Many numbers of users reported encountering Mozilla Cannot Find Run-Time Error message when they try to start Firefox. This type of error message usually indicates some kind of damage in Firefox’s program folder.

So, when you try to open your Mozilla Firefox browser on your system and get an error message which says Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe. Then don’t need to panic! This means the application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way.

Well, there are various ways to Fix Mozilla Cannot Find Run-Time Error. Here, the blog will guide you some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue, which you have a need to follow.

Repair Mozilla Cannot Find Run-Time Error

Steps to Repair Mozilla Cannot Find Run-Time Error

Step 1: Performing a Clean Reinstall

You need to remove Firefox program files and then reinstall Firefox again.

  • Download a fresh installer for Firefox 40.0.2 from for a suitable location.
  • After the download finishes, close all Firefox windows.
  • Then delete the Firefox installation folder, that is located in the following locations, by default:


  • C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox

Mac: –

  • Delete Firefox from the Applications folder.
  • Then reinstall Firefox by double clicking on the downloaded installation file and go through the steps of the installation wizard.
  • When finished, and then select to directly open Firefox after clicking the Finish button.
  • Then your Firefox will automatically start normally.

If this step has not resolved your problem, then go to the next step.

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Step 2:-Start Firefox in Safe Mode

  • Click the menu button and hit “Help” option.
  • Then select “Restart with Add-ons Disabled”. Then Firefox will start up with the Firefox Safe Mode dialog.
  • Now you need to choose one option from the following the two options:

Option 1:- Clicking the Start in Safe Mode button will temporarily disable your extensions and theme.

Option 2:-Clicking the Refresh Firefox button will restore Firefox to its factory default state while saving your essential information.

  • After choosing an option, you Firefox will start in Safe Mode easily.

If the “Mozilla Firefox Cannot Find Runtime” Error is still appearing, then you could connect with the technical team to get instant solutions.

Dial Mozilla Firefox Customer Support Phone Number To Urgent Help:-

Mozilla Firefox Browser Technical Support Number

You can dial Mozilla Firefox Support Phone Number anytime from anywhere and straight away connect with the team of Mozilla Firefox customer support. The experts are certified and have a long year of experienced in solving the technical issues. They will help you in resolving to fix this Mozilla Firefox error and other kinds of Mozilla Firefox associated technical difficulties by giving finest and effectual solutions. Hence, contact now to get immediate help for Mozilla Firefox queries.

Fix Google Chrome Installation Error
How To Fix Google Chrome Installation Error?

Often it is seen while installing Google Chrome, it come across critical error codes such as error 4, 7, 12,102 and error31. These errors while installing Google Chrome occur because there may be newer chrome version installed in the computer long before, installation failed due to unknown reasons and the last reason may be due to unable to properly installed the software. Well, users need not to get worried about it because now there is a solution to fix Google Chrome installation error by explaining all steps in details

Fix Google Chrome Installation Error

Steps to troubleshoot Google Chrome installation error

Step 1: Check the hard drive for enough space issues

  • One may run into a problem if the computer does not hold enough space to install the Chrome browser
  • Now the next thing is obvious to clear out the hard drive space by deleting all unnecessary files, such as temporary files, browser cache files, old documents as well as programs.
  • The next step is to download the Chrome again from a trusted website and try to install the browser again with precautions.

Step 2: Turn off the antivirus software

  • Some antivirus software prevents Google Chrome from installing on the computer. So the next thing is to check whether the antivirus software is the problem for this issue or not? If so then, turn it off first.
  • Now the next step is to download the Google Chrome from a trusted website and reinstall it.
  • Don’t forget to turn on the antivirus software back.
  • If you can’t install Google Chrome with your antivirus software turned off, you might need to upgrade your antivirus software.

Step 3: Download the Chrome browser again

  • Often it is possible that users have accidentally deleted all updates.
  • Now, the next step is to install the Chrome. To fix, make sure you have studied all system requirements

If still the issue persists then, call us at below mentioned contact details

Chrome Browser Support

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